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released November 1, 2016

recorded by Eric Urbach at Lodasia Sound, richmond ca

mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios



all rights reserved


PROVOKE Oakland, California


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Track Name: Same Old Story
You talk about your problems
As if you hate your role
But The safety of your privilege
Awaits you when you fall

No efforts made to understand
When it's not about you, you don't mind it
The struggles real, but not for you
Turning a blind eye again, nothing new

No opinions, no words when the proof of violence bleeds into the streets
Yet you raise your voice, arm yourself to the teeth when you think your privilege is becoming weak

How long can you keep it up, keep believing that we're all the same
A badge covered in blood is the truth, this footage might be new to you but still your mind won't change, nothing has changed
Track Name: Faded Streets
Walking down these streets remind me of what I left behind
Wasted so much time questioning how I could better get in line
Years of tired hate consuming difference questioning myself
Running on daily reminders of what I'm thought of by broken heads

These faded streets

A place where hatred surges through the roots

These weathered faces

Breeding proud allegiance, not my thing

Got out in time never looking back, wasted my time trying to find, a single reason why it shouldn't burn to the ground
Track Name: Ex-Member
I won't let you make up the rules
Conform to your tired idea of taste
I won't let you preach to me about who I should be
Cuz I don't know who you know and who knows me

Keep your elitist club, keep your judgmental call outs, I don't care for your ex-members bullshit
You are not the first, and you won’t be the last
You haven't changed a bit, so I'm changing it for myself
Track Name: Losing
Losing my mind, losing my friends, often giving up on myself, getting older, not getting wiser, losing control, grip gets tighter
feeling sick in my own skin, kind words just won’t change a thing, make the same mistakes again, feeling broken, dreading being alone once again
Track Name: Shallow Grave
You found a way to ruin this too
Plug in and feed, tear it all down
Steal from the culture the parts that you need, repackage it, rename it and call it your own

A shallow grave, only memories remain, faded cries in the wind
paved over with guiltless disregard
Now you settle in this pool of excess
Overlooking those that stick around
Generations pulled from the roots
Consuming culture until there's nothing left
Track Name: Full Heart
You've always bled for this, stood strong
Held your ground,
The pressures of this male dominated scene
Won’t put out your flame, won't keep you down
At times you struggled, cornered by defeat
Full heart and clear eyes
Never blinked, never skipped a beat
Full heart and clear eyes

Continued on, paving your ground,
For so many years hitting brick walls, breaking them down.
Raising your voice, not taking shit, pushing back harder, laying waste to those that run their mouth

Proving wrong all those that wish to shut you out, not your burden, not on you,
Your fire's burned some bridges, it's not the first time, it won't be the last, good riddance to their judgements, change of heart? They're not worth your time!